The meeting of the GTU Alumni Association was organized by the GTU on 30th Jan 2014. This was chaired by Esteemed Dr Akshai Aggarwal, Vice Chancellor of the University.

Meeting of the GTU Alumni Association

Following core members were present:

  1. Dr G P Vadodariya, I/C Registrar and Controller , GTU
  2. Dr K N Sheth, Director, Venus International College of Technology and Dean GTU
  3. Dr V M Patel , Principal, Shankersinh Vaghela Bapu college of Engineering
  4. Dr M G Patel, Coordinator Sports GTU
  5. Shree Janakkumar Khandwala, special invitee
  6. Shree Hitesh Gujarati, Research Assistant, GTU
  7. Shree Sharma , Administrative Assistant, GTU

Following persons were called for creating individual website and guiding Shree Sharma, M C A

  1. Shree Rupendra Chaurasia, Programmer GTU
  2. Shree Keyur Shah , System Analyst, GTU

At the inception Dr Akshai Aggarwal sir welcomed all the members present over the meeting. The following agenda items were discussed in length.


Dr K N Sheth had put up before the committee that it has become essential to establish the chapters of GTUAA for networking its activities.

All the chapters shall closely work in consultation with Chandkheda Campus (Head office)

Dr K N Sheth then suggested that the chapters should be established worldwide.

Dr Akshai Aggarwal said that this will help building up regional centers of GTUAA at different places across the world. GTU can develop such chapters as there could be many alumni concentrated at a particular place rather than the alumni of specific college. This is the advantage of strengthening GTUAA Students want world class education and they all will make use of contacts of alumni. These are the good proven policies and practices followed by the world’s best universities.

Dr K N Sheth then informed that5 state chapters viz. viz. Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara and Himatnagar have been identified along with their coordinators who have consented themselves willingly to manage the affairs of the chapters.

Similarly 3 regional chapters are also proposed to be established at Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai.

Dr K N Sheth then had stated that 5 international chapters of GTUAA are also proposed to be activated as desired by Dr Akshai Aggarwal, viz at California, Washington D C, New Jercy, London and Dubai. The coordinators are all the alumni as per the extended definition of “Alumni”.


Dr Akshai Aggarwal had stated that rules are required to be framed preliminary for the funds to be managed.

The salient guiding rules could be as under:

  1. Let the coordinator decide as regards the membership fee (other than Gujarat State Chapters) for joining the GTUAA. This should be compatible with the economy of the region or nation being represented by the coordinator.
  2. The coordinator will then prepare the budget for the current year.He may include the proposed expenses for GTUAA meet and other academic and entertainment activities.
  3. The coordinator is entitled to receive the donation on behalf of the GTUAA under intimation to the Head office.
  4. The coordinator shall be permitted to spend 80% of the funds so received by the coordinator; the remaining amount shall remain as a reserve with GTUAA.
  5. The Association shall work for one year with the system of nominating Chapter coordinator and chapter co- coordinator However at the end of the year there will be election for the 7 members of the executive council for each of the chapter and the Head office then will decide about the various posts in accordance with the constitution. The general guidelines reflected in the constitution shall govern.
  6. The coordinator then shall handover the charge to the newly appointed executive body.

Dr Akshai Aggarwal stated that these broad rules must be communicated to all the coordinators of various chapters and confirmation be sought from them before activating these chapters.


The first alumni meet of GTUAA was held on 8th Feb, 2013 at Chandkheda campus of the university. Dr K N Sheth stated that Honorable Vice Chancellor Dr Akshai Aggarwal sir had declared that GTUAA will be is celebrated as a Foundation Day of GTUAA on every Feb 8/

It was suggested that distinguished alumni form various fields like Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Management, pharmacy and computer application can be invited and honored as “Distinguished Alumni” on the foundation day. They will also address our alumni as to how to be successful in professional life. Dr G P Vadodariya and Dr Sheth said that Mr S S Rathod of Government of Gujarat and Mr Jashubhai Patel of Elecon can be invited. Mr Shah Electrical Engineer, National Head from Elmex Vadodara can also be invited. It was decided that both Dr G P Vadodariya and Dr K N Sheth must meet Mr Rathod in Sachivalaya and invite him personally as time is very less.

It was suggested by Dr K N Sheth and Dr V M Patel that there should be some entertainment programme for the alumni along with the academic session. Dr Mukesh Patel suggested that such program would help strengthening the alumni association.

Dr G P Vadodariya also suggested that after the academic session some entertainment program can be organized. if we think of musical evening we have to make arrangement of shamiyana, stage and light & decoration and such other things if the number of alumni exceed 200 pax.

However some light entertainment for an hour by inviting Gammat Gulal actor may amuse the alumni. Committee members requested Dr G P Vadodariya to invite Gammat Gulal actors on 8th Feb 2014 and if the alumni are around 200 pax we can organize the same in Bo Conference hall. Mr Hitesh Gujarati was requested to immediately determine approximate number of alumni likely to attend on 8th Feb, 2014 by asking for their confirmation over email.

The question came up before the committee as to who should be invited - all the members of last year as well as the current year or only current year. Whether the last year’s alumni should make payment for the 2nd meet

Dr K N Sheth suggested that the alumni with their spouse should be invited.

Dr Akshai Aggarwal sir informed that the last year’s alumni have to pay whereas the current year’s alumni need not pay as this is for the first time for them.

Shree Janak Khandwala suggested that we should invite all and should not charge anyone. So far as dinner arrangement is concerned, Shree Janak kumar Khandwala said that he would like to sponsor the same. However he desired to know as to how many alumni will join. Mr Hitesh Gujarati said that by Mon day i.e 3rd Feb, 2014 he will inform him.


In order to briefly disseminate the various activities of the GTUAA , Dr K N Sheth suggested that GTUAA should publish newsletter on behalf of all the chapters in the beginning.

Dr Sheth then had shown the draft newsletter for the approval. Dr Akshai Aggarwal and all the members present over the meeting at once accepted the idea. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor suggested that the opinion of alumni on GTU or GTUAA can be displayed as news. Any outstanding alumni may be given appropriate awards. The newsletter was approved subject to some changes as made by Dr Akshai Aggarwal sir.

Two such news letters can be published in a year both in electronic as well as print forms. The current year’s first news letter must be ready by 8th Feb, 2014. If it is not possible to get the print form ready, news letter in electronic form must be published.


The members expressed concern that the membership of GTUAA is very less compared to pass outs. Suggestions received are as under:

  1. In the core members few more members should be nominated. Dr Mukesh Patel suggested that Dr H B Patel , Head of Computer Engineering Department of Sakarchand Patel college of Engineering mobile no 9824915220 as he possesses leadership qualities. Similarly Dr V M Patel suggested Mr Nitin Padariya from Shankarsinh Vaghela Bapu college of Engineering mobile no 8732420010 GTUAA may invite such interested persons to be member forming the real core of the association
  2. Dr Akshai Aggarwal said that recently GTUAA organized a programme, “Lets Communicate” wherein almost 200 pass-outs participated and in the next week almost 30 pass outs got the job. GTU and GTUAA must take up such activities as their basic aim is to earn after getting graduation or post graduation. Dr K N Sheth suggested that similar programmes like Let’s Communicate can be conducted and speakers like Mr Lalit Chande of T N Rao college of Management Rajkot and others are ready to give services to GTUAA free of cost. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor accepted the proposal and stated that University must continuously arrange such programmes.
  3. Dr Akshai Aggarwal sir suggested that the alumni of our University can take benefit of Apprentice scheme of Government of India. He also stated that we can invite placement consultants and give CV of all the pass outs. This can be done by shri Keyur Shah.
  4. Dr Akshai aggarwal sir also suggested that the personal web site of each alumnus should be made at the earliest. Mr Rupendra Chaurasia can expedite the same. The job of updating of the GTUAA web site can be done by Mr Sharma.
  5. Mr Chaurasia and Mr Keyur were instructed by VC sir to expedite the GTUAA web site activities. The present web site has been made by Shree Saraswati Education Sansthan Rajpur which can now be managed by GTU.
    Shree Janak Khandwala suggested that GTUAA should add the services of providing jobs through say naukari.com or such placement consultants and help the pass outs Dr Akshai Aggarwal said that this is a full time job and Dr K N Sheth alone cannot do it as he has other assignments.
    Dr Aggarwal stated that Dr G P Vadodariya that GTU can give 10 Personal Computers in the GTUAA office Room 405 and allow the alumni to surf for the jobs who are not having access to the PC or internet.
  6. Shri Janak Khandwala gave opinion for strengthening the alumni association by making the membership of GTUAA free and develops systems to give services to the alumni. All the members felt that first we should give services and then call for memberships. However Dr K N Sheth stated that anything which is free loses its value. An amount of Rs 200/- life membership cannot be considered to be costly. However the matter needs serious pondering over.
    At the last Shree Rajput CAO of the GTU had shown the balance of GTUAA as reflected in the pass book for the information of members.
    Dr Sheth, Dr Vadodariya and Mr Hitesh were requested to make all necessary arrangements for 2nd meet of GTUAA in its appropriate scale.
  7. The meeting ended with thanks to the chair

Prof Dr K N Sheth, Director VCIT and Dean
(Alumni affairs Advancement and Inter- Disciplinary Research ) GTU