The First message from the Vice-Chancellor to GTU Alumni Association:

GTUAA: Innovative Directions and Great Objectives

  • The Alumni Association of Gujarat technological Association is being set up to empower the new graduates through all its knowledge resources and   through creating live networking among alumni. It will strengthen the bonds between the alumni and their alma mater and it will bring together the alumni on a common platform. I invite all alumni to come, join and develop GTUAA to serve their needs optimally.

    At this early stage, rather than pre-determining and promulgating the directions in which GTUAA should progress, I would like to point towards a few news-items, which show how the great Universities of the world have worked actively with their alumni:

    1. 1. More than 120 years of Continuing Education service to its alumni through University of California, Berleley Extension
    2. 2. Opening of 29 Industrial Training Centers right inside major industries by a Chinese University of Technology
    3. 3. Opening of the Berlin campus of the German University of Cairo
    4. 4. study supported partially by Stanford Alumni, which shows that Stanford alumni have created 39,900 companies, which have created an estimated 5.4 million jobs and generate annual world revenue of $ 2.7 trillion

    5. Let us come together and celebrate the opening of GTUAA on 8th of February 2013.

    Dr Akshai Aggarwal