Alumni Association (GTUAA) Constitution

Section 1 - NAME

The official name of the organization shall be Gujarat Technological University Alumni Association, hereinafter called the GTUAA. The official name of the University is Gujarat Technological University hereinafter called the GTU.

Section 2 - MISSION

The GTUAA is the official voice of graduates from all the Colleges/ Institutes, affiliated with GTU. It represents the interests and expectations of alumni to the GTU and ensures that alumni have an enduring voice in the advancement of the University.

It shall serve as a link between GTU, the institutes affiliated to it and its graduates, to help alumni stay in touch and involved with the GTU and the associated Colleges/ Institutes. It shall provide opportunities for social interaction, networking and volunteer service of all kinds inspiring pride in GTU and enhancing student life of GTU.

Section 3 - OBJECTIVES

The objectives and purposes of this Association shall be to develop and encourage the interest in GTU and generally to do all lawful things for the welfare, benefit, and betterment of the GTU and its faculty, students, former students, graduates and staff. GTUAA shall foster and encourage Alumni to contribute in the GTU and in higher education.

The objectives of the Association, though not exhaustive, shall be to:

  1. Organize and operate exclusively for educational and such other purposes as a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the excellence of learning systems at GTU and for enhancing the reputation of GTU as a distinguished University of higher learning in India and abroad.
  2. Work with GTU in meeting the educational and recreational needs of the alumni; and encouraging united action in promoting the advancement of every alumni.
  3. Organize continually the programs of advanced education at GTU and its chapters in India and abroad and provide regular communication about such programs including about opportunities at the research centers of GTU.
  4. Maintain records and collect statistics concerning alumni and to provide support to the alumni offices and thereby the Council of GTUAA.
  5. Encourage a spirit of loyalty, friendship, services and benevolence among the Alumni.
  6. Render advice and guidance on matters relating to the alumni to GTU.
  7. Promote and develop chapters and foster affiliates of the Association internationally by interaction in its correct perspective among the chapters and affiliates.
  8. Ensure adequate representation of GTUAA in Government and Industries by nominating Alumni representatives wherever possible
  9. Publish after consultation with the Executive Board the Alumni News in the form of GTUAA News letter, to be distributed to alumni for the purpose of disseminating information about the University and the alumni.
  10. Participate in the raising of funds for the University by gift, endowment scholarship, or any other means.
  11. Make awards to alumni for outstanding work in promoting the welfare of the GTU.


The affairs of the Association shall be managed by the Executive Board hereinafter called the ‘Board '.


There shall be four classes of members, as follows:

  1. Members.
  2. Executive Board Members.
  3. Honorary Members.
  4. Founding Members.

Every member is required to fill the membership form and submit it to the office of the Dean for Alumni Affairs.

A. Members

  1. Any person who has received a degree, diploma, or certificate after completing a course of study at a College/ Institute, affiliated with GTU or at a constituent department, faculty or research center of GTU.
  2. A person who has successfully completed the equivalent of one full year of course work at GTU during his or her Ph.D programme .
  3. All members of the teaching staff of GTU or of any College/ Institute, affiliated with GTU , working in regular or temporary basis.
  4. All ex-members of teaching staff of GTU or of any College/ Institute, affiliated with GTU.
  5. All the members- Research Associates, Research Assistants of GTU, including members giving services on honorary basis.
  6. GTU staff other than teaching, both past and present.
  7. Any person who is a member of a recognized chapter of the Association and who does not qualify to be a regular member.

B. Executive Members

Any person who has been nominated or elected by GTU to any academic position of the University as a Director, Dean or Associate Dean for any of the discipline – PG or zonal or diploma studies and

C. Honorary Members

  1. Any person who has received an Honorary degree from the University.
  2. Any person, who has contributed to the well-being of the GTUAA or GTU, provided the Executive Board approves his or her nomination for membership.
  3. Any person upon whom the GTUAA confers Honorary membership for significant contribution to the GTUAA or GTU.
  4. The status of Honorary Member shall be granted for the lifetime of the Honorary Member unless revoked by the Association or by the resignation of the Honorary Member.
  5. All associate members shall have participatory rights in discussion, be member of the sub-committees, can act as advisors and can be co-opted as members of various committees and shall have voting rights.

D. Founding Members:

The members and the Executive Board members, who had filled up the membership forms as on 19th January 2013 will be considered as the Founding Members.

Responsibilities of Membership

To be in good standing, a member of any class of the GTUAA must abide by the constitution and bylaws of the GTUAA. The Council reserves the right to deal with membership status issues. Decision as regards the membership given by Chairperson or Member Secretary shall be final and binding.

Fees and Assessments

  1. The Council may establish fees and assessments for each of its Chapters, if any, which may vary for each category of membership and for location of the Chapter.
  2. Membership entitles the holder thereof to receive any alumni publication which is published by GTUAA, to exorcise the right of franchise in GTUAA matters, and otherwise participate in the rights and benefits incident to membership, said benefits to be established from time to time by action of the Council.

Cessation of Membership

A member of the Association shall cease to be a member if he/she resigns from his/her membership or is found to be of unsound mind or is convicted by a court for any offence on moral grounds. The Executive Board may terminate the membership of any person, who is found to be working against the interests of GTUAA or of GTU.

The Executive Board and the Central Committee

The affairs of the Association shall be managed by the Executive Board (EB) and a Central Council (CC).. Every Chapter of GTUAA will have a Board of Management (CBM) and a General Body (CGB).

Section 5 - BY-LAWS

The affairs of the Association shall be managed by the Executive Board hereinafter called the ‘Board '.

Chapter General Body

  1. At each Chapter, there shall be a general body of the Association consisting of all members.
  2. The General Body shall hold the Annual General Meeting at least once a year and not more than 18 months shall elapse between two successive Annual General Meetings.
  3. A prior notice of clear 21 days for convening an Annual General Meeting shall ordinarily be given to the members by the Secretary in consultation with the President of the CBM.
  4. An emergency meeting of the General Body can only convened by the President or the Secretary of the CBM for compelling reasons at a short notice.
  5. Twenty five members present in person shall form the quorum for any meeting of the General Body.
  6. If the meeting is adjourned for want of quorum, the adjourned meeting will be convened within 21 days to transact the same business and the members, present at the meeting, shall form the quorum.

Duties of the CGB

  1. To set guidelines for the CBM so as to achieve the objectives of the GTUAA.
  2. To consider and adopt the Annual Report and Audited Accounts of the Chapter of GTUAA.
  3. To approve the budget for the following year.
  4. To give Awards to the Distinguished Alumni and technologists of the area, covered by the Chapter.
  5. To elect members of the CBM.
  6. To transact any other business with the permission of the President of the Chapter.


Expenses of the members of the EB to attend meetings of the Chapter shall be reimbursed out of the funds of the Chapter in accordance with the guidelines established by GTUAA from time to time.

Executive Board

There shall be an Executive Board to manage affairs of the GTUAA.

General Powers and Duties

  1. The affairs of the Association shall be managed by the Central Council; The Council shall have general charge of the business of the GTUAA including the control of the Accounts.
  2. GTU shall open an account in any Nationalized Bank for the operation of GTUAA.
    The GTUAA may be given grants by GTU for its work. Similarly GTUAA may collect funds for specific projects at GTU or for specific projects at the Chapter level.
  3. The accounts of GTUAA shall be jointly operated by Treasurer (ex-officio), Member Secretary or for initially three years. However as the work of GTUAA grows, the Chairperson may decide to allocate the responsibility to any other office-bearers.
  4. For the first three years, the Chairperson may appoint members of the EB.
  5. At every chapter, the annual general meeting will be convened. All alumni of the Colleges/ Institutions of the area and all GTU alumni, staying in the area will be eligible to join the meeting after paying the necessary fee for the meeting. This annual meeting will be called the Annual meeting of CGB.
  6. At the annual meeting of the CGB, members of CBM will be elected. The number of members of CBM may be a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 31. The Chairperson of GTUAA will decide about the number of members of the Board of Management and the positions of office-bearers of the Chapter for every Chapter.The CVs of every elected Member of CBM will be sent to the Chairperson and he/she will appoint the Chairperson and other office-bearers of the Chapter.
  7. The office-bearers of every Chapter will be Members of the Central Council.
  8. The Chairperson will appoint at least one Advisor to every Chapter’s CBM. The Advisor will be an honorary Member of CGB.
  9. All the Members of EB will be entitled to participate in every meeting of the CGB and CBM. All the Members of EB will be Honorary Members of every CGB of every Chapter.
  10. All members of the EB and all the Advisors for the Chapters will be Members of the Central Council.
  11. The Central Council will elect 9 Members of the EB. The members of the Executive Board shall normally hold office for one year.However during the first three years, when the Council is being constituted, the EB may consist of the ex-officio Members and other nominated Members. The number of elected Members may increase from 0 during the first year towards 9. The Chairperson will decide about the number of elected members for the second year and the third year.
  12. The President may, from time to time, constitute committees- special or ad hoc , and she/ he may delegate to such committees such duties and powers as may be necessary for proper conduct of the affairs of the GTUAA.
  13. The Chairperson and Member Secretary of the Council shall be ex-officio Members of each committee, which may be constituted for the promotion of various activities of GTUAA and for meeting the objectives of GTUAA.

The Executive Board (ex officio members)

  1. Chairperson: The Vice Chancellor of GTU will be the Chairperson of GTUAA. If the Vice-Chancellor wants, he/ she may nominate one of the ex-Vice-Chancellors to be the Chairperson of GTUAA for a period of 3 years.
  2. Vice-Chairperson: One of the Directors may be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor as the Vice-Chairperson of GTUAA for a period of 3 years.
  3. Member- Secretary: Dean (Alumni affairs) of GTU will be the Member-Secretary (called the Secretary).
  4. Treasurer: The Chief Accounts Officer of GTU will be the Treasurer of GTUAA.
  5. One of the Deans may be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor as a Member of the Board.
  6. Advisor: The Immediate Past Chairperson of GTUAA will be the Advisor to the EB.

Meetings of EB

The Executive Board will ordinarily meet quarterly but the Secretary may call an emergency meeting at any time. A prior notice of 7 days shall ordinarily be given to members for convening a meeting.

The quorum for the Executive Committee Meeting shall be one-third of the number of members at any time.. In case there is no quorum the meeting will be adjourned for half an hour. In case there is no quorum, the meeting may be adjourned to another day for the same agenda. At the reconvened meeting, the members, who are present, would be able to take decisions on the agenda items.
Records of meeting activities shall be kept by the Alumni Relations Assistant who shall report to Member Secretary of GTUAA.

In case any vacancy arises in the Executive Board, the Executive Board shall fill this nomination by co-option. A vacancy would be deemed to arise when an Executive Board member expresses his/her inability to discharge responsibility or when a member remains absent for three consecutive meetings without information in writing in advance.

The Board shall have all powers with regards to management and promotion of objectives of the GTUAA.

The Executive Board shall frame Bye- Laws and Amendments which becomes enforceable when passed by simple majority.


The Chairperson shall preside over the Executive Board Meetings and the Central Council Meetings. The Chairperson shall have the voting power. The Chairperson may attend any meeting of any entity of GTUAA. If he attends any meeting, he would preside over it.

Vice Chairperson

The Vice Chairperson shall act for the Chairperson in his absence. He shall have all the powers for the management and promotion of the objectives of the GTUAA.


  1. The Member Secretary shall be convener of the Executive committee.
  2. The Member Secretary shall be responsible for carrying out all correspondence and preparation and distribution of all publications of the GTUAA. PA to Member Secretary shall be appointed by GTU initially for three years for discharging all such functions of GTUAA.
  3. When GTUAA is registered as a Society, after holding the Annual General Meeting, the Member Secretary shall file or cause to file the following information with the Registrar of Societies.
    • List of names, address & occupations of the members of the Executive Committee.
    • An Annual Report of the GTUAA of the previous year.
    • A copy of the Balance Sheet & certificate of the auditor’s report.

Treasurer- Ex-officio

  1. The Treasurer- ex- officio shall be responsible for the maintenance of the financial records & accounts of the GTUAA.
  2. The Treasurer shall operate the funds of the Association jointly either with the Member Secretary or the Registrar.


A group of alumni may form a chapter of the association for any objectives consistent with the GTUAA. There can be two types of Chapters:

  • Geographical chapters — a geographically-based group of alumni may form a geographical chapter. To be recognized as a geographical chapter, a group must have a minimum of 200 alumni living within a defined geographical area and must have the support of the –Dean for Alumni Affairs and Advancement.
  • Academic/affiliate chapters — a group of alumni sharing the same major or faculty or College/ Institute affiliation may be granted recognition as an academic chapter; a group of alumni sharing another specified university affiliation may be granted recognition as an affiliate chapter.

To be recognized as an academic or affiliate chapter, a group must have one active member of faculty or staff of the GTU on its executive whose responsibility is to represent the interests of the GTU.

Every Chapter will have its General Body (CGB) and a Board of Management (CBM).

When a Chapter proposes to have some fixed assets, a Chapter’s Board of Trustees (CBOT) may be constituted in consultation with the Chairperson. A major component of CBOT will be elected out of the major donors. All the Office-bearers of the Chapter will also be Members of the CBOT.

The routine management of the chapter will be done by CBM. But selling, buying or acquiring the properties would be done by CBOT, after consulting the Chairperson of GTUAA.

When a Chapter has a CBOT, the office-bearers of the CBOT will be ex-officio Members of CBM.

A draft of the detailed regulations for CBOT will be prepared by the Chapter’s office-bearers so as to satisfy all the local laws and the draft will be put before the Chairperson for approval.


  1. Amendment to the rules and regulations shall be carried out only by a General Body meeting the Central Council.
  2. The proposed amendment to the rules and regulations shall be circulated to all the members as an agenda item for the General Body Meeting.


  1. The Association shall raise funds for pursuing the objectives of the Association through subscription from the members.
  2. The rates of subscription shall be governed by the By-Laws of the Association.
  3. GTUAA or its Chapters may have funds through money donated by the members or from any other source, approved by the EB or CBM.
  4. The accounts of the Association shall be maintained in any scheduled bank in Ahmadabad into which all subscription, donations and other income shall be credited.
  5. Financial year of the Association shall be from April 1 to March 31.
  6. The funds of the Association may be invested in Government securities, Bonds and Debentures of the registered companies and financial institutions under Company's Act 1956 or fixed deposits in nationalized banks, subject to the approval of the EB.
  7. Withdrawal from the invested funds shall be made by the EB.


The accounts of the GTUAA shall be audited once a year by a Chartered Accountant. The Chartered Accountant shall be appointed by the EB after the accounts have been duly audited by an Internal Auditor to be appointed by the EB.


  1. The Member Secretary or any other office bearer authorized by the Executive Committee may sue on behalf of the GTUAA. When the GTUAA is being sued, the Member Secretary will represent the GTUAA through a legal advisor or an advocate to represent the interest in the Courts of Law.
  2. No suit or proceeding shall be defeated by reason of any vacancy or change in the holder of the office of the Member Secretary or any office bearer authorized on its behalf.
  3. Every decree or order against the GTUAA in any suit or proceeding shall be executable against the property of the Association and not against the property of the Member Secretary or any office bearer.
  4. Nothing herein shall exempt the Member Secretary or an office bearer of the GTUAA from any criminal liability, entitle him/her to claim any contribution from the property of the GTUAA in respect of any claim paid by him on conviction by a criminal court unless it is attributed to GTUAA matters.
  5. No member of the GTUAA may be sued or prosecuted by the GTUAA except for any injury or loss, damage, detention or destruction of any property of the GTUAA.


All members of the GTUAA and the officers of the Association and their heirs, executors and administrators, and estate and effects, respectively, shall from time to time and at all times, be indemnified and saved harmless out of the funds of the GTUAA, from and against:

  1. All costs, charges and expenses whatsoever that such a person sustains or incurs in or about any action, suit or proceeding that is brought, commenced or prosecuted against such person for or in respect of any act, deed, matter or thing whatsoever, made, done or permitted by such person in or about the execution of the duties of the office and
  2. All other costs, charges and expenses that such a person sustains or incurs in or about in relation to the affairs of the GTUAA except such costs, charges or expenses as are occasioned by such person's own willful neglect or default.


The following records shall be maintained in the office of the GTUAA:

  1. Roll of Membership.
  2. Minutes of the Executive Committee meetings.
  3. Minutes of the General Body Meetings.
  4. Stock Register of Non-consumable and Consumable items.
  5. Cash Book and Ledger.
  6. Copies of all publications and reports of the Association.
  7. The records shall include details of all sums of money received and sources thereof, and all the sums of money spent.
  8. Every member of the General Body shall have the rights of inspection of records of the GTUAA during the office hours.
  9. Some of the disposable records as decided by the Executive Committee may be disposed off/destroyed.



Contracts in the ordinary course of the association's operations may be entered into on behalf of the association by Member Secretary after express approval of the Chairperson of GTUAA.


A chapter of the association must have the approval of the Member Secretary to open a bank account. If approved, the chapter shall notify Member Secretary of the location of such account and any details of respect to the operation thereof, which the department of GTU advancement may request from time to time.

Fiscal Year: The fiscal year of the GTUAA shall be the same as the fiscal year of GTU.


The winding up of the Association shall be carried out as per relevant clauses of Societies Registration Act. All assets of the association, in the event of its closure, will be given to GTU.