Agenda items for the proposed meeting on important issues of GTU Alumni Association on 16th instant.

  1. Finalization of Registration form for GTU Alumni Association.
  2. Finalization of Brochure for GTUAA.
  3. Finalization of evening pass of first meeting of GTUAA – Proposed design.
  4. Finalization of Photo Identity card of GTU Alumnus.
  5. Printing of documents - Registration Form, GTUAA Brochures, Evening Passes of the first meet, Photo Identity card and stationary for GTUAA.
  6. Allocation of independent space for GTUAA Office and part time / full time assistants to Dean – Alumni Affairs.
  7. Allocation of space for GTUAA on the existing website of GTU.
  8. Discussion on GTUAA Chapters.
  9. Opening of account of GTUAA.
  10. Collection of subscription fees on 19th instant on 10 counters.
  11. Constituting Legal Cell for Registration of GTUAA.
  12. Assigning job of contacting the students (personally and via telephone) for joining Alumni Association Zonal wise.
  13. Constituting News letter committee.
  14. Discussion on celebration of first meet of GTUAA especially Venue, speakers, dinner arrangement.
  15. Any other item with the permission of the chair