Gujarat Technological University in a very short span crossed many laurels. In order to cherish the linkages with the former students with mutual pride and spirit and loyalty to Gujarat Technological University, GTU Alumni Association is known as “GTUAA” is established in the month of January 2013.

         Its first meet was organized on 8th February 2013 in Chandkhada campus when Prof. Friedrich Augenstin, Head of the Department of Business Administration of DHBW University, Germany, Dr. Charles Savage, President of Knowledge Era Enterprises, International, Prof. Ramesh Shah, DHBW University, Germany, Prof. Dr.Akshay Aggarwal, Vice Chancellor, GTU and Dr. M.N. Patel, Director of GTU were present.

8th February is a special day in the history of GTU and will always be celebrated as foundation day of GTUAA because the dream of forming GTU Alumni Association is came to true on this day. We all are indebted to Dr. Akshay Aggarwal, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor for his selfless devotion and commitment for our university.

      I appeal all the Institutes affiliated to GTU to come forward and join hands together to achieve the objectives of GTUAA and make it a grant success.

     The next step is to form GTUAA Regional Chapters and go for election for formation of GTUAA body.

      Coming together is Beginning, keeping together is Progress and working together is a Success.

      I therefore look forward to work together to strengthen Gujarat Technological University Alumni Association.

Prof. Dr. K.N. Sheth
Dean Advancement, Alumni Affairs and Interdisciplinary Research