Message from Hon'ble Vice Chancellor:

Dear Alumni,
GTU Alumni Association is a platform where alumni can stay connected and continue their bonding with the University. Golden memories of student life and contribution of Alma Mater in the academic advancement cannot be forgotten even after achieving the success in career and establish yourselves in the professional world. This is because of the love and boding that you have with Alma Mater.

I believe that Alumni Association is a perfect platform for all of you to meet your peers and teachers and revive the contacts.

Former Vice Chancellor, Dr Akshai Aggarwal, founded GTU Alumni Association with a vision to keep alumni connected with each other in a network for their own development and betterment of the Alma mater. It’s my pleasure to continue the legacy of Dr. Aggarwal and contribute further to his initiatives at GTU to achieve new heights.

I congratulate the members of GTU Alumni Association who continue to remain associated with the University. Your suggestions, contribution and association with university is very essential to attain the objective of becoming a university of international repute. It is definite that your hard work and professional advancement in your career will bring credit to the university. Your association with each other will also help you to achieve success in the career.

Best wishes to all the members of GTU alumni Association. Stay connected forever with each other and alma mater, so that we can build a much stronger alumni network and work together to take this university at new heights of education and work for the betterment of mankind.

With warm wishes
Prof. (Dr.) Navin Sheth